Matthew is a senior banker with 18 years experience in investment banking and management consulting. He was one of J.P. Morgan’s most senior and respected bankers in Australia, serving as Head of Australian Equities, Head of Equity Capital & Derivative Markets, and as a senior M&A/Coverage banker. Matthew was a member of both J.P. Morgan Australia’s Executive Management Committee and J.P. Morgan’s Global Equities Management Committee. Matthew previously worked as a consultant for Bain & Company. He has lived and worked in Australia, Asia and Europe, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws degrees from the University of New South Wales.

Matthew has raised over $50 billion of equity and equity linked capital across all industry sectors, and for many of Australia’s leading corporations and financial institutions. Select examples include:

Financial Institutions

  • Veda Group – Financial Adviser to Veda’s A$1.0 billion Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2013
  • ANZ Banking Group – Joint Bookrunner on ANZ’s A$2.5 billion accelerated institutional placement (2009), Sole Underwriter of ANZ’s A$703 million capital raise (2008)
  • Commonwealth Bank – Joint Bookrunner of CBA’s A$2.0 billion placement to fund the acquisition of BankWest (2008)
  • Westpac – Joint Bookrunner on Westpac’s A$2.5 billion accelerated institutional placement (2008), Sole Underwriter of Westpac’s A$866 million capital raise (2008)
  • Macquarie – Joint Lead Manager of Macquarie’s A$750 million placement (2007) and A$700 million placement (2006)
  • St. George Bank – Joint Lead Manager of St George’s A$767 million placement (2007)
  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank – Joint Lead Manager of Bendigo’s A$300 million placement and entitlement offer (2009)
  • QBE Insurance Group – Joint Underwriter of QBE’s A$2.0 billion institutional placement (2008)
  • NIB – Sole Adviser and Lead Manager of NIB’s demutualisation and IPO (2007)

Natural Resources

  • Buru Energy – Financial Adviser on A$117.7 million capital raising (2013), Sole Underwriter of A$18 million equity placement (2011)
  • AJ Lucas – Sole Adviser and Sole Arranger on A$148.8 million equity placement and equity entitlement offer (2013)
  • Santos – Financial Adviser on GLNG financing (2009/10), Joint Bookrunner on A$3.0 billion equity entitlement offer (2009), Sole Global Co-ordinator on A$500 million equity placement (2010)
  • RIO Tinto – Joint Underwriter and Global Co-ordinator of RIO’s A$4.2 billion renounceable entitlement offer (2009)
  • Fortescue – Sole Lead Manager of Fortescue’s A$504 million placement (2007)
  • Macarthur Coal – Sole Underwriter on Macarthur’s A$439 million placement (2010) and A$191 million placement (2009)
  • Lynas Corp – Sole Bookrunner on A$75 million equity placement and SPP, Sole Bookrunner on A$450 million equity placement and entitlement offer (2009)


  • West Australian News – Concurrent A$992 million offer, comprising Convertible Units Loan Securities entitlement offer and block trade sell down by Seven Media Group (2011)
  • Wesfarmers – Joint Underwriter of Wesfarmers’ A$2.9 billion placement and entitlement offer (2009) and A$2.6 billion entitlement offer (2008)
  • Transfield Services – Sole Lead Manager of Transfield’s A$294 million entitlement offer (2010)
  • Transurban Group – Sole Underwriter of a A$710 million block trade (2010)
  • Amcor – Joint Underwriter of A$1.6 billion entitlement offer for M&A funding (2009)
  • Nufarm – Joint Lead Manager of Nufarm’s A$320 million placement (2009) and A$300 million placement (2008)
  • Sonic Healthcare – Joint Lead Manager of Sonic’s A$425 million placement (2008) and A$400 million placement (2007)

Real Estate

  • Westfield Group – Joint Underwriter of Westfield’s A$2.9 billion accelerated institutional placement (2009) and A$3.0 billion entitlement offer (2007)
  • CFS Retail Property Trust – Sole Underwriter of A$600 million Convertible Bond (2007), equity placements A$200 million (2007) A$325 million (2008), and convertible note tender offer and new issue (2011)
  • Goodman Group – Sole Global Co-ordinator of Goodman’s A$955 million accelerated placement and entitlement offer (2008)
  • Mirvac Group – Sole Underwriter of Mirvac’s A$500 million placement and entitlement offer (2008) and A$300 million placement (2008)